We will steadfastly lead the ever-changing
market with a flexible attitude.


As a cohesive team of professional attorneys, Apex is devoted to addressing your problems as our highest priority.
We aim to meet our clients’ needs to adapt to the rapidly changing market and legal environment,
predict and reduce risks thereby making achievements together with our clients as their partner, both in Korea and throughout the connected world.

  • Adapt

  • Satisfy

  • Predict

  • Achieve


New legal issues and needs continue expanding in a world where sudden and unexpected changes become commonplace in every field
Apex will always maintain a creative attitude to develop our management system and provide professional
and high-quality services ahead of others for contemporary legal issues and needs.

Amid the intensifying competition between Korean law firms, which have achieved and developed much over a short period of time
and foreign law firm surrounding domestic legal market, we will continue to do our best to stand at the top as a law firm that puts customers
first through our best efforts to build a sustainable management system, secure competent human resources, and deepen expertise.

In a business environment where a wide range of rapid changes continually take place, we will build solid trust by seeking
the best legal solutions from the client's point of view within the required timeframes to meet the legal needs of our clients.
In addition to providing active legal advice to clients, we will make every effort to broaden our understanding of
our clients' business strategies from their perspective as a partner.