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  • Corporate Legal Affairs

Corporate Legal Affairs

Merger & Acquisition

Comprehensive legal services on general issues of corporate law, tax law, monopoly regulations act in connection with corporate M&A dealings

  • Advised Asiana Airlines on the sale of its shares in Asiana IDT
  • Advised on the sale of Hanwha Resort
  • Advised Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO) on the sale of its shares in Korea Asset In Trust (KAIT)


Legal Advice on Overseas M&A Dealings
Wide range of legal advice especially on the take-over of overseas firms in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, etc.
Project related to the overseas firm’s establishment of a corporation in Korea and asset purchase

  • Advised on M&A of Taeryuk Rubber Belt (acquirer: Camoplast Canada)
  • Advised China Far-sea Fishery on capital increase through third party allocation and M&A
  • Advised ITT USA on its acquisition of IMC
  • Advised Mutual Savings Bank on the defense measures against hostile takeover and foreign private equity fund
  • Advised on the acquisition of KAA, BHPK by Savills UK
  • Conducted legal due diligence and consultation for SES Japan to acquire ATIS Korea
  • Conducted legal due diligence and consultation in relation to the acquisition of iTest, a semiconductor testing company by F, the largest semiconductor firm in Korea

Issuance of Corporate Bonds Including CB, BW

Legal services on the matters concerning listing on the Stock Exchange or KOSDAQ
Agent business for foreign companies listing in Korea
Legal services on financing such as by issuing corporate bonds of domestic/overseas bank, corporation and securities company, etc.

  • Advised Mirae Corporation on the preparation and review of Form-20F issued by the New York Stock Exchange
  • Advised Samsung Life Insurance on gains of asset revaluation and listing requirement
  • Conducted presentation and provided legal advice for Cambodian corporation on KRX listing
  • Advised China Ocean Resources Co., Ltd. on listing on the stock market
  • Advised My Asset Management on the issuance of private CB of China Ocean Resources Co., Ltd.

Corporate Restructuring / Rehabilitation, Bankruptcy

Legal advice on the proceedings or corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and debtor rehabilitation
Professional legal services on consolidation of insolvent enterprises and establishment of rehabilitation methods for viable enterprises

  • Advised Nau Corporate Restructuring Co. on the sales of real estate and efficient handling of sales business
  • Advised Shinhan Life Insurance on its acting as a receiver for Gyeongbuk Mutual Savings Bank

Overseas Investment

Professional legal services related to overseas investment including procedures of establishing overseas branches and corporations, tax issues, labor relations, M&A by foreign enterprise, environmental issues, etc.

  • Project Financing (PF) for real estate development in emerging markets including China, Cambodia and Vietnam and northern American region including the US and Canada
  • Advised on the issuance of ABCP based on loan obligations of PF for overseas real estate development project as underlying assets
  • Legal advice in relation to the investment on Chinese non-performing loans