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APEX has continuously took part in social contribution activities by helping adolescent family heads, senior citizens, homeless individuals, and disabled people in our society. Members of APEX have also voluntarily participated in assisting the abductee families of South Korea, defectors of North Korea, and victims of natural disasters, in order to share their concerns together and to ultimately reach more public good in our community.

In addition, APEX consistently provides pro bono legal services and public interest law suits for the disadvantaged, who lack the benefit of the statues, as well as expanding the firm’s voluntary service programs and regular sponsorships.

APEX is also involved in a professional public interest program providing pro bono legal services for the defectors of North Korea.

The North Korean defectors are live witnesses who display the ideological, political, economical, social, and cultural gap that the two Koreas inevitably possess. The disparate nature between the South and the North generates extreme difficulty for the defectors when trying to understand South Korea’s civil, criminal, and administrative procedures. As a result, North Korean defectors have a hard time adapting to this new society that they once so desired.

As a leading Asian firm, APEX understands its greater social responsibility and thus decided to provide the necessary assistance that the defectors need in order to successfully readjust to their new environment. APEX’s support for the North Korean defectors is not only limited to simply reiterating the South Korean legislations but we also try to raise a genuine awareness of the complications that the defectors face in the South Korean system so that they can practically be accustomed to our democratic society.
ㆍLegal advice and training periods : Legal advice 2 times a month and 1 training session every month since April 27th, 2009
Suretyship, nominal transfer in cell phone use, loan return, credit card loan, damages through matchmaking agencies, defector broker disputes, car accident settlement money conflict, wage conflicts, payments for purchases, etc.

ㆍnominal transfer conflict : creates different types of conflicts in cell phone and credit card uses.
Most defectors do not understand the their civil responsibility by illegally transferring their names.
ㆍDefector broker disputes : Often times the contract is regarded as invalid as it is difficult to accept the validity of the contract; more likely settled through arbitration.

Also, many civil cases have a close relationship with pyramid selling companies, and usually defectors are not fully aware of the negative consequences that they can potentially face.
Divorce, Child rearing expense claim, Guardian, Family tie corrections, marriage broker conflicts, check a biological child, etc.

Among many defectors, they still tend to have a strong patriarchal family, and since men have a relatively hard time when trying to find a job, the husband’s incompetence often leads to domestic violence.

Changing one’s name and request for family tie corrections. After leaving North Korea, there can be mis-entries of family relationships during the investigations of the National Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Unification. As a result, there are many cases when the family needs help trying to correct these mistakes.
Claim of resettlement funds, Rental house conflicts, Utility bill payment problems, Medical service dispute, Copyright conflicts.
Robbery cases, Embezzlement harm cases.

When the defectors are the victims, they lack the knowledge of trying to find a middle ground between the assailant.
Housebreaking violations, Rental house sublease frauds, mutual assault, Criminal indemnity claim.

Since defectors lack the basic criminal procedures in a constitutional state, they often believe that they are the victims of every unfair case.