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In recent times, foreign direct investment (“FDI”) in Indonesia has been noticeably increasing due to the Indonesia Economic Development Corridor, announcements of new investment plans, amendments of investment related laws and sustainable economic growth. Indonesia is maintaining continuous economic growth based on its sound domestic market; moreover, FDI in Indonesia is becoming more promising based on its abundant natural resources ranging from mineral to agricultural resources while being highly ranked in the Asia Pacific region for its production and reserves, growing middle-class and vast working population.

In Indonesia, FDI in secondary industries has become increasingly remarkable, as well as in other various fields of industries such as mining, transportation/warehouse/communication, chemical/medicine, metal/machines/electronics and vehicles/transportation equipment. Indonesia is also spotlighted as a manufacturing base for a number of global corporations.
Apex Firma is an independent Indonesian law firm of Apex LLC in korea.
Advised on ECA Financing (USD 1.7 Billion) in relation to funding for construction costs of PT. KP (joint
    venture of POSCO and Indonesia’s national steel company)
    (advised on plans for establishment of securities of direct and covered loans(8 commercial banks
     syndicated), land and plants of the Export-Import Bank of Korea and the Korea Export Insurance
    Corporation for financing construction and operation funds after the execution of a joint venture agreement
    and on countermeasures for restrictions made by Indonesian financial authorities in connection with
    offshore loans)
Advised Kookmin Bank on project financing with respect to its coal mine business in Indonesia
    (Conducted due diligence in relation to mining development and loan evaluation for operating funds of
    Kookmin Bank with respect to BK Global, a coal mining development company that owns Kedap Sayaaq
     mines, and also advised on project financing matters such as financial structures of a foreign currency
    loan and the establishment of local security)
Advised on debt financing for the construction of PT. KPCC factory, a joint venture of POSCO Chemtech,
    and also advised on issues regarding financing of operation funds (Korea Exchange Bank)
    (Advised on establishing local security in Indonesia with respect to a facility funds loan agreement, factory
    facilities and insurance, and advised on restrictions in Indonesia with respect to foreign currency loans)
Counsel for the sale and disposal of lands owned by PT. POSNESIA, a joint venture with POSCO
    (Advised and acted on behalf of PT. POSNESIA, a joint venture with POSCO, for the sales and disposal of
    its own business lands)
Advised on the JVA for entering into the Indonesian market by affiliated companies of POSCO (POSCO
    Chemtech, etc.) (Advised on various legal issues, including the establishment of plans for increase of the
    joint venture’s capital, technology transfer and EPC subcontract, which were raised from establishing a
    joint venture of the foreign investment company and constructing its new factory by informing relevant
     Indonesian construction laws and regulations, and devising plans for negotiating with the co-investor)
Advised INNOGEO on taking over an Indonesian geothermal power generation company
    (Conducted legal due diligence for taking over a geothermal power generation company, which received
    IUP approval before the enactment of Law No. 27 of 2003 on Geothermal, and advised on the strategies for
    taking over (by advising on the Joint Operation Agreement, clearing debts and method of taking over the
    assets in case of bankruptcy)
Conducted due diligence for taking over the coal mine for LG International Corp.
    (Advised on the effectiveness of Kuasa Pertambangan which was acquired before the enactment of the
     Mining Law of 2009 and advised on various legal issues in relation to taking over coal mining rights)
Counsel for the establishment of foreign investment companies
    (Advised on foreign investment and appropriate business structures to establish foreign investment
    companies, such as PT. BaraIndoco, PT. Circle One Indonesia, PT. Danau Kencana Lestarindo, PT. Bara
     Sakti Resources, PT. Parna Agromas, PT. Sawit Seberang Seberang, PT. Enggang Alam Sawita, PT.
    Langkat Nusantara Indonesia, etc.)
Acted as legal counsel for PT. Samsung Electronics, PT. KP, AITI Group, PT. Stolberg, etc.
Advised Gyeonggi Savings Banks and others clients on collecting their investments on Bali resort
    (Conducted litigation for the collection of investments which were in the form of project financing and
    provided overall legal advice on exercising security rights)
Advised Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation on behalf of Busan Savings Bank in connection with
    securing the control of the developer for the Bali resort business and collecting outstanding debts with
     regard to the affiliated companies of Busan Savings Bank
    (Conducted litigation for the collection of investments which were in the form of project financing and
    provided overall legal advice on loan sales)
Advised on the sale of the official residence of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia
    (In order to construct the new Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia, advised on selling the old
    residence by reviewing the applicable laws, such as the State Property Act of Korea, and the sale and
     purchase agreement, including the process and elements of the sale and purchase of the land use right
    (Hak Pakai) and plans for purchase payment)
Presented a lecture on entering the investment market in Indonesia (1st stage ~ 6th stage) and
    establishment of foundation corporation regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility in KOTRA
    (Provided lectures focusing on Investment Law in Indonesia with regard to corporations wishing to enter
    the Indonesian market and addressing various problems raised by foundation corporations regarding the
    CSR of Korean corporations in Indonesia).