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APEX has an impressive track record in the areas of corporate finance, project finance, listing/registration, issuance of bonds, capital increase, syndicate loan, shipping/aircraft finance, ABS, securitization of NPL, and compliance of financial institutions. Recently, we successfully represented our client for the settlement of disputes which arose out of domestic financial institutions’ investment in off-shore derivatives, and we have also acted for issuance of corporate bonds and listing in the Korea Stock Exchange by a Chinese company, and provided legal counsel for domestic funds’ investment in the off-shore SPC, which was established in order to facilitate real estate development in India. Due to such accomplishments, APEX is steadily earning the reputation as a law firm which readily adapts to and competently deals with the increasing needs of the capital market. APEX’s work performance is the result of a collaborative effort between enthusiastic, motivated lawyers and professionals from the best financial institutions in Korea, who share their information and knowledge in the areas of financial and securities transactions. In addition, APEX operates various in-company workshops such as the APEX Knowledge Forum, Capital Market and Financial Investment BusinessAct research team and Overseas Bonds research team, as part of an effort to make swift, proper decisions as to the most recent issues in finance and securities fields.
Counsel for private-sector investments in social infrastructure construction projects, such as construction of a highway privately capitalized, student center of a national university, cargo terminal #2 of Incheon Airport, solar power plants.
Real estate development projects in emerging markets such as China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia as well as in North America such as LA, California and Calgary, Toronto of Canada.
Construction or remodeling projects with respect to the business center in Yeouido Y22, commercial residential complex in Shinmoonro-2-ga in Seoul, Digital Media Center in Sangam-dong, and industrial facility construction projects such as flatted factories, bus terminals, and high-tech industrial complexes.
Counsel on issuance of ABS or ABCP with account receivables, loans, real estate project loans, etc as underlying assets
Counsel on issuance of ABS and ABCP by establishing JV-SPV where the financial institutions’ loan assets the collection of which is questionable are the underlying assets.
Counsel on liquidation of Hanbit’s 11th SPC established for the purposes of securitization
Counsel on the requirements for transfer regarding New York Stock Exchange’s DR listing
Counsel regarding investments in Chinese non-performing loans
APEX LLC has gained significant work experience in the areas of project finance and ship finance; designed to raise funds efficiently for the construction of integral social infrastructure, such as power plants, PF roads, cargo terminals and university dormitories. Furthermore, APEX LLC has been accumulating work experience and know-how in a wide range of areas, including development funding and acquisition finance for real estate and mortgage backed securities for apartments, shopping centers, and flattened factories.
Projects for Student Dormitories of the national university in Kangwon Province
Incheon Airport No 2 Cargo Terminal
PPP for Daegu West North Road
Real Estate Projects in the emerging markets such as Shenyang in China, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Hanoi in Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as in the Northern hemisphere region such as LA, California, Polo Square, Toronto and Calgary
Namyangju Suseok-Hopyung Expressway
Construction Project for commercial facilities for Yoido 22 square (Y22), Seoul Shinmoonro 2ga, SamAhm dong
Construction project for commercial facilities and Daegu City Center
Haewoondae Sponge Commercial Complex Re-modeling Project
Yongin City SangHa Dong, Daegu WolSung Dong, Seoul City BanPo Dong, Ghangju City OhPo Eup, Seoul City Mokdong, Seoul City Shindaebang Dong, Namyangju City Duckso Eup
Ghangju City Bus Terminal Project
Project for flatted factories such as Swon City Youngtong Dong/WonCheon Dong, Seoul Gasan Dong, Ahsan City Shingil Dong Project
Industrial Infrastructure Project for CheonAhn City High-Tech Industry Zone
ChunCheon Sudong Gymnasium Project Golf Course
APEX LLC has provided clients with its professional legal services in dealing with the foundation and management of a variety of funds which have rapidly grown to be new investment tools. APEX LLC always employs a stable and efficient strategy for asset management, while ensuring that the work experience of various finance experts is properly employed at all appropriate levels. This, coupled with close strategic partnership with well-recognized local law firms, and insightful market analysis, is what sets APEX apart from firms dealing with merely the legal aspect of the deal. Currently, APEX provides its exceptional services in the emerging markets, namely Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, while making full use of its local offices to promptly liaise with related market information and know-how in such regions.
Advised KB Asset Management on securitization and investment of Indian Fund
Advised KTB on Securitization Specialty for development of Camko City in Cambodia
Advised Shinhan Bank, Project Investment and Finance Department on Project Finance for construction of building in Cambodia
Advised Prime Saving Bank on Securitization Specialty for real estate development in Calgary in Canada
Advised CJ Asset Management on Private Securitization Specialty for Diamond
Advised Yonwoo Cambodia Myer Asset Management on the 2nd Fund for Residential Complex Project in Phenompen in Cambodia
Advised Woori Bank IB Department on Asia Real Estate Income Fund
Reviewed, on behalf of Woori Bank, Japanese Fund Agreement drafted by Morgan Stanley
Advised Yedang Entertainment, MyAsset Asset Management on Entertainment Asset Securitization Specialty
Advised Korean Investment Trust Management on Korea No. 1 and No.2 commodity fund (wine)
Our Private Equity Investment Team consists of lawyers and professionals from various financial institutions who are well-equipped with relevant knowledge and work experience in establishing investment funds and other investment institutions and in dealing with all related activities performed by PEF. APEX has provided legal counsel on securities and tax issues arising from domestic/overseas funds' provision of private equity investment opportunities to Korean firms, and based on its professionalism and experience, APEX LLC has stood out in the areas of M&A, acquisition finance, and securities and tax, particularly for transactions requiring a high degree of professionalism, such as LBO, IPO, and de-listing. Additionally, in respect of PEF companies which have recently emerged since the 2004 amendment of the Indirect Investment Assets Management Act, APEX LLC provides its professional legal advice on the establishment of PEF institutions, such as structuring the management control and profits distribution, as well as drafting the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws of the PEF company and also on the management of the PEF institution in all investment process, including due diligence and IPO on the target company as well as recovering the investment profit from M&A.
Reviewed on investment Middle Market Fund M&A fund provided by Woori Bank and BNP Paribas Group
Reviewed on Investment Agreement Protection in relation to Hyundai Marine Fire Insurance and Green Cross Life Insurance and Bogo Fund
Investment in Cambodia by IBK bank and overseas SPC for PEF
Advised IBK Bank and Choon Wae Shin-Yak on PEF
Advised Leading Investment Securities on establishment of PEF for acquisition of shares in domestic bank
Advised on M&A of insurance company by Woori Bank PEF
Advised Kookmin Bank and Digital Conference PEF on acquisition finance for T-stone
APEX LLC has a remarkable track record in the structured finance area, particularly in dealing with financial institutions’ toxic assets, real estate PF loans, corporate general trade receivables, issuance of ABS and ABCP backed by liquid assets such as general corporate credit or by real estate. We provide legal counsel for MBS
Legal counsel for the issuance of receivables backed ABS based on the cement trade receivables and telecommunication equipment rental receivables
Legal counsel for ABS, ABCP issue of ABS/ABCP based on loan obligations to cable broadcasters and the small and medium sized company loan
Legal counsel for the issuance of precautionary corporate credit asset backed ABS of JV-SPV
Legal counsel for the issuance of domestic and foreign real estate development (in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Minrakdong, Busan) PF receivables backed ABCP
Legal counsel for the issuance of company owned real estate backed ABS
Legal counsel for the issuance of sub-participation type credit backed ABCP
Legal counsel for the liquidation of the Hanbit 11th ABS LLC)
Legal counsel for New York Stock Exchange DR listing regarding the petition transfer requirements
Legal counsel for investments in Chinese bad loans
The derivative counsel team of APEX provides counsel regarding financial derivatives, such as swap, options and futures, as well as general legal counsel for derivative exchange, including the credit default swap.

Recently, as financial transactions have become more complex, the need for an effective means of risk management and the importance of derivative exchange have increased. In addition, ever since the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act was enacted in February 2009, the domestic derivative-related regulatory environment has shown drastic changes. The derivative counsel team of APEX aims to provide our clients with appropriate, effective legal services that adapt quickly to such changes in the market and regulatory environment, and come up with solutions that best suit the situation.

APEX provides financial institutions and investors with legal counsel on derivative exchange. We aim to provide our clients with counsel related to the various laws involving tax, futures trading, securities transactions, foreign exchanges, and other financial services commission regulations. Thus, we help our clients keep in line with, and wade their way through Korean law. Through thorough analysis of the legal, financial risks that are inherent within derivative exchange, we provide our clients with useful information. Additionally, we provide legal advice on standard contracts that are used in the signing of a derivative exchange, such as the ISDA Master Agreement. We are also capable of providing assistance in the preparation of related documents, e.g. the schedule to the contract that goes along with the standard contract, according to our clients’ requests. Lastly, we also provide services such as filing the necessary documents with the proper governmental organizations.
Review and counsel concerning the Mando Corporation’s over the counter derivative transaction related contract
Review and counsel concerning the contract for the Total Return Swap and Credit Default Swap, for Deutsche Bank and KB property management’s joint investments in India fund
Legal counsel for dispute settlement over Shinhan Bank and JP Morgan’s investments in the derivative fund (Blue River Fund)
Legal counsel for dispute settlement of Shinhan Bank and America’s Collateralized Debt Securities’ investments in M&G Fund
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