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Our dedicated Merger & Acquisition team consists of highly capable and experienced professionals who have advised clients on many high-profile M&A transactions. The team provides clients with strategic advice based on their expertise in M&A transactions and thorough research and analysis of all aspects of legal issues on corporate law, tax law, employment law, and unfair competition law.
ㆍ Counsel for Camoplast (Canadian entity)’s M&A of Taeryuk Rubber Belt Co., Ltd.
ㆍ Counsel for M&A of Numade Co., Ltd.
ㆍ Counsel for M&A of Daeyoo Vesper Co., Ltd.
ㆍ Counsel for M&A of Auto Cube, QUINLAND GROUP of Japan,
ㆍ Counsel for M&A of Daewoo Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
ㆍ Counsel for M&A of Digilent FEF Co., Ltd.
ㆍ Counsel for M&A between agencies, Shinhan Life Insurance Company.
Our M&A Team provides legal advice on both domestic and cross-border M&As. Based on our experience in dealing with a number of foreign investments in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and the like, we provides our clients with a diverse array of legal services on cross-border M&As. APEX LLC advises on domestic and cross boarder M&As for various corporations, ranging from financial institutions, such as banks, securities companies, and insurance companies, to companies dealing in manufacturing, the IT business, and energy resources. In line with this, APEX provides a variety of services such as analyzing M&A deal structures, proposing optimal deal structures, reviewing the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act and other relevant legislations, completing and negotiating the underwriting agreement and other related documents for new stock/CB/BW, drafting and negotiating key agreements such as shareholders' agreements, advising on financing for M&A, making due diligence on target companyies, completing the requisite documents for corporate license applications, preparation for, and completion of the documents in relation to the closing of the M&A, and dispute settlement on M&A, such as arbitration and litigation.

In addition, APEX LLC provides legal service for hostile takeovers and also deals with the disputes in the management control that often arise in the process of hostile takeovers. Unlike a friendly takeover, hostile takeovers tend to not only generate a number of unsolved issues but also undergo a supervisory inspection followed by various civil and criminal procedures. APEX LLC thus provides clients with services for adequate acquisition/defense strategies, prompt legal advice on the main legal issues such as establishing and executing defense strategies at the board of directors’ meeting and the general shareholders’ meeting, calling for extraordinary shareholders meetings, and filing a preliminary injunction in respect of voting rights.

ㆍ Advised on sale of DaeRyook Chemical through M&A (Purchaser: Canada Camoplast).
ㆍ Advised China Ocean Resources Co., Ltd. on capital increase by way of third party allotment and M&A.
ㆍ Advised the US ITT on purchase of IMC.
ㆍ Advised on hostile M&A by the largest domestic cooperative saving bank and afterward on structuring
     defense strategies for its management control against a foreign private fund.
ㆍ Advised the UK Savills on purchase of KAA, BHPK.
ㆍ Conducted due diligence and advised Japanese SES on purchase of ATIS in Korea.
ㆍ Conducted due diligence and advised on purchase of I Test, the semiconductor testing company for the
     largest domestic semiconductor equipment company F (the Vendor: Morgan Stanley).
ㆍ Advised Japanese Quinland Group on purchase of a domestic company in Korea.
With our expertise in corporate governance and securities transactions, we have advised various clients on listing on the Korean Stock Exchange and registering with the KOSDAQ. Recently, as the acquisition of Korean companies by foreign companies has increased, we have acted for a number of corporate clients from overseas for their listing on the Korean Stock Exchange. Moreover, with our in-depth knowledge on the corporate finance, we have provided our clients with indispensable counsel on effective means to finance their companies, i.e., by issuance of corporate bonds or redeemable shares.
ㆍ Counsel for Kosdaq listing of Coreana Cosmetics, Mobilians and Orchem.
ㆍ Counsel for merger of Korea Investment Corp. and Millenium Venture Investment’s merger, and registration
     of the merger.
ㆍ Counsel for appeal of deferral decision of preliminary review for Kosdaq
ㆍ Counsel for temporary injunction to suspend the validity of the disapproval of preliminary review for Kosdaq
ㆍ Counsel for Orchem’s Kosdaq listing.
ㆍ Counsel for back door listing of TEC Co., Ltd. and Ubiquam Co., Ltd.
ㆍ Drafted and advised on Form-20F of the Public Announcement by Mirae Industry Co., Ltd on the NYSE.
ㆍ Advised Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd on a net profit gained in the process of revaluation of the assets
     as well as on IPO compliance issues.
ㆍ Advised Cambodian Company on listing on KRX.
ㆍ Advised MyAsset Asset Management on issuance of its corporate bond by a private offering.
Not only has APEX LLC successfully provided legal advice on a number of restructuring, bankruptcy, composition and debtor’s rehabilitation process cases, but we have also accumulated our professional know-how on M&A on insolvent companies and on establishing a regimen for companies that are likely to be rehabilitated through a workout process.
ㆍ Advised on efficient dealing with sale of real estate and distributorship of
    Now Company in a way of restructuring.
ㆍ Advised on Bankrupted credit for Bahama branch of Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd.
ㆍ Represented Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd. on its bankruptcy proceeding in the US.
ㆍ Advised Shinhan Life Insurance Co., Ltd on a receiver of Kyungbuk Mutual Saving Bank.
APEX LLC provides legal advice on general employer-employee relationships in the company, in regards to human resources, labor, industrial accidents, employment agreement, and the establishment and management of a labor union. We also provide professional and aggregate legal services on new forms of employment relationship/disputes/restructuring processes which arise in the course of an M&A transaction, corporate split, or any other form of corporate restructuring.
ㆍ Advised on the issue of a breach of non-solicitation duty owed by an ex-employee of S company after his
ㆍ Advised on the issue of trade secret against the ex-employee of N company.
ㆍ Advised on the issue of extradited & fixed term employees in relation to the Irregular Employee Protection
ㆍ Advised on issuance of work permit for foreign employees of S company.
ㆍ Advised on whether outsourcing contractors of G company have breached under the Labor Standard Act.
ㆍ Advised on the issue of conditional payment for severance compensation.
ㆍ Advised on whether payment for compensation should be made in case of internal transfer.
In order to effectively advise domestic companies on foreign investment and to protect their interests, APEX LLC provides professional legal services on various legal issues arising out of foreign investment, such as the means and process involved in establishing a company or its branch offices in overseas countries, as well as tax, employer-employee relationships, M&A and environmental issues in foreign companies
ㆍ Project Finance for Real Estate Development in emerging markets such as Shenyang in China, Phnom
    Penh in Cambodia, Hanoi in Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, as well as Northern hemisphere
    regions such as LA, California, Polo Square, Toronto and Calgary.
ㆍ Advised on issuance of ABCP based on PF loan bond for the foreign Real Estate Development Project.
ㆍ Advised on requirement for assignability in relation to DR listing on NYSE.
ㆍ Advised on investment in Chinese insolvent bond.
ㆍ Advised on establishment of and investment in Indian Fund.
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